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“Live blogging breakfast at the Manchester Evening News”

Seb Ramsay  di Manchester Evening News spiega in quest’ottimo articolo pubblicato su CurryBetDotNet come il quotidiano locale abbia deciso di puntare sul liveblog per riacchiappare i lettori del mattino e quelli persi per strada per via dell’agguerrita concorrenza twitterina.

manchester evening news live blog

E come, accidentalmente, la cosa abbia ampliato il ventaglio di argomenti trattati quotidianamente; di come si siano create nuove dinamiche di redazione, nuovi turni mattutini, un nuovo tono editoriale simile a quello di un breakfast show radiofonico e nuove forme di citizen journalism… 

The rolling news live blog allowed them to speak to readers in a new way. People message in bits of news about the traffic, or ask the MEN what is going on somewhere if a police helicopter has been hovering. Actually, the team have found it useful for news leads as well. Seb mentioned putting out on the live blog that police said there had been no crime overnight, and immediately getting back the reply “what about the shooting in Salford?”, something the police press office was keeping under wraps.


There was also a hint that the live blog served a cultural purpose within the business as well. Continuous publishing to the web has diminished the sense of “deadline” that an operation like the Manchester Evening News used to have. Seb said that the rolling live blog had helped bring a “deadline buzz” back to the newsroom, as reporters work to stand up stories and get them broken on the live blog.

There is no doubt that local and regional newspapers have been going through a tough time economically, and that digital disruption has been severe for many titles.

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