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British problems

‘I hate how my hairdresser cuts my hair but I dare not go elsewhere for fear of hurting his feelings’

‘I got overcharged for breakfast this morning. I knew the cashier had got it wrong but didn’t want to embarrass him or look like a dick in front of the queue so just paid the extra £2’

‘I asked if anyone wanted the last biscuit. Someone did.’

‘I accidentally rang the bell on the bus at the wrong stop, and instead of explaining my predicament to the driver, got off and walked the rest of the way home.’

‘I said ‘thank you’ as a warden handed me a parking ticket.’

‘There’s no etiquette for using an umbrella in crowded areas during wet weather.’

‘I never know whether to say thanks to people that stop at a zebra crossing.’

‘I accidentally touched another commuter’s hand on the handrails on the tube today.’

‘My girlfriend claims to be ‘neither here nor there’ on Marmite. Now I can’t trust anything she says or does.’

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